Skill-select Update for Round

SkillSelect Update For The Round

The December Skill Select Invitation Round data is the latest information available from the Department of Home Affairs, showing over 1800 fewer invitations were issued for the final month of 2018.

Invitation numbers have decreased:

The total number of invitations for 189 occupations in the December round decreased by over 40 percent from 4340 places per month to 2490 places per month. Based on our observations, the January and February 2019 invitation numbers are also likely to have been low. We are waiting to see if the March round picks up again.

Point scores for non-pro rata occupations have not changed:

The points score for non-pro rata 189 has remained steady at 70 points.

A person who has lodged an Expression of Interest for a 189 non-pro rata occupation can expect to wait around three weeks for an invitation if they have reached 70 points.

489 Family Sponsored visas:

There is no change to 489 family sponsored applications. Invitations for this subclass remain at 10 per month, requiring a point score of 80. Wait times are around 4 months from lodgement of an EOI.

Pro-rata occupations:

Pro-rata occupations are classified as those for which there is more demand for places than there are places available. These occupations usually have a point score higher than the non-pro rata occupations.

11 December 2018 Invitation Rounds scores for pro-rata occupations are:

Most of the pro-rata occupations are taking months for invitations to be issued. For example, in the December round, the points required for Software and Applications Programmers points dropped to 70, however, the wait time increased to 18 months. Applicants with 75 points in this occupation are likely to receive an invitation more quickly.

State Sponsorship Update:

Queensland closed their sponsorship program in early February until July 2019, meaning no 190 or 489 State Nominated options are currently available.

Victoria is undertaking a review of their State Occupation List, so if you are currently on this list and able to apply, we recommend doing so now.

Western Australia is also reviewing the occupation of ‘Accountant’ on their graduate list, and this may lead to removal or closure.

The ACT has been operating with a new ‘Canberra Matrix’ system with its own points scores in order to identify the best candidates for the invitation.

What other options do you have if you have not reached the points score required?

Additional points may be awarded in a number of ways including, but not limited, to:

  • Increasing your level of English
  • Higher education in Australia or overseas
  • Years of work experience in Australia or overseas
  • NAATI certification
  • Professional Year
  • Partner points

How can True Migration help you?

We can review your options and identify any additional points that may be available to you. Book in for a consultation today to discuss your visa pathways.

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