Visitor Visa

Visitor visas allow you to visit Australia to simply see everything the country has to offer. The easiest way to obtain a visitor’s visa is by applying for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). The ETA is similar to an Australian visa but your passport is not stamped and you do not have to go to an Australian visa office or diplomatic office in order to get one.

Visitors to Australia who come from ETA-eligible countries can receive an ETA. When you enter Australia, the staff at the airport can electronically verify that you hold this type of visa.

Once you receive your ETA you will be able to travel through Australia for a period up to 12 months or until your passport expires whichever is sooner as well as enter and exit the country multiple times as long as a single visit does not exceed three months. If you’re not from an eligible ETA visa country, TMAC can also help you find a visitor visa to suit your needs.

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