Skilled Occupation List Changes March 2019

On 11 March Immigration introduced a number of new occupation lists affecting General Skilled and Employer-sponsored migration. This update follows a review and consultation period with the Department of Jobs and Small Business, to ensure that ‘the entry of skilled foreign workers to Australia remains carefully calibrated to Australia’s needs’. There is great news for the […]

Skill-select Update for Round

The December Skill Select Invitation Round data is the latest information available from the Department of Home Affairs, showing over 1800 fewer invitations were issued for the final month of 2018. Invitation numbers have decreased: The total number of invitations for 189 occupations in the December round decreased by over 40 percent from 4340 places[…..]

Tougher visa process for violent partners

People with history of domestic violence trying to migrate to Australia will face tougher application process under new law.   The new laws have passed the Senate, making it more difficult for people who have history of domestic violence to sponsor a partner visa. More than two years after being introduced to parliament, legislation finally[…..]

Partner visas: One mistake and your application can be denied,

Partner visas: One mistake and your application can be denied, even if you amend it The application process for a partner visa requires an applicant to provide truthful and verifiable information, while providing misleading or false information – regardless of the intention – can lead to the application being rejected. In particular, decision-makers apply what is known as Public Interest[…..]

VETASSESS update for Ph.D students

From Friday 15 December 2018 VETASSESS will no longer accept a full scholarship or stipend as work experience for the purpose of obtaining 1-year work experience for a skills assessment or for work experience points. This is a major change and will affect many Ph.D. students including those who intend to work in careers such[…..]

South Australia Govt. revised the skilled occupations list

South Australia Government revised the skilled occupations list over the weekend with South Australia publishing their revised lists. South Australia: South Australia specifically highlighted occupations which are now seen as classed as “low availability” including: • 139914 Quality Assurance Manager • 263113 Network Analyst • 411713 Family Support Worker In addition, 29 occupations were shifted[.....]

Visa Application Charge Increase

Increases to visa application fees have been announced to take effect for applications lodged on or after 1 July 2018. Whilst the fees have been increased in line with CPI, not all applications will have a price increase and applicants are urged to seek professional advice before lodging their application.