Daniel – U.A.E

A Successful Australian Temporary Work Visa Story

“We came over from Dubai (U.A.E) in 2008 and now live in Esperance. TC (my Wife) works for the Australian Railroad Group as a Locomotive Driver and I am a merchandiser for Bunnings and my son Daniel is the Acting Senior Ranger for the Shire. Since being in Australia we have found our way of life has changed drastically.

No more sitting at home all the time, living in fear of your life, now we can go camping on the beach with friends, go fishing early in the morning on the pier and take late night walks along the Esplanade.

Daniel could not find a decent job in UAE and we were supporting him from Australia. We managed to get him over with the help of Julie from True Migration. On the visa that we were on Daniel had to remain dependent on us so he volunteered to work as a part-time ranger and did a course at our local TAFE.

We started applying for PR, under the Employer Nomination Scheme, September 2010 and it was a nerve-wracking time because of Denial’s age, we were not certain of whether he would get the PR with us. We got PR in December 2010 and since then Daniel was able to accept a full-time post with the Shire of Esperance and he can now move forward in his life. He has found a different way of life in Australia, going from just a tv and computer game junkie to a man who now enjoys the freedom to go hunting, diving, fishing and camping in our beautiful new country.

Now, the next big step in our life is going for citizenship!”.