BSMQ – Occupations removed from QSOL November 2019

BSMQ – Occupations removed from QSOL November 2019 Due to high demand and quota being met for the following occupations, they will be removed from the QSOL’s detailed below, when the skilled program re-opens in the coming weeks. The entire skilled program will re-open for both subclass 190 and subclass 491 visas. The exact date […]

Partner points Schedule 6D.11

Partner points Schedule 6D.11 From 16 November 2019 the applicant can claim 10 partner points for their spouse or de facto under Schedule 6D.11 where the partner is: • applying for the same subclass of visa as the primary applicant • is not an Australian citizen or permanent resident • at the time of invitation[…..]

Assessing Authorities changes commences on 16 November 2019

Assessing Authorities changes commences on 16 November 2019. The instrument makes minor amendments to the assessing authorities for child care centre manager and podiatrist see below: • Changes the assessing authority for child care centre manager from TRA to ACECQA for subclass 491, subclass 189, subclass 190 and subclass 485 visa applications made after 16[…..]

Changes to Skilled Occupations Lists Flagged for Mid 2018

The Department of Jobs and Small Business has published a draft bulletin for public comment on proposed changes to the skilled occupations lists to take effect in mid-2018. The “Traffic Light” system continues to be used with some occupations flagged to be removed from the skilled occupations lists, and others to be moved between the[…..]

Visa Application Charge Increases

Visa Application Charge increases Department of Immigration Visa application fees is set to increase for a number of visas lodged on or after 1 July. For many visa types, the visa application fees have been increased in line with CPI. Changes for some common visa types are below: Visa Type Current Fee From 1 July[…..]

Skilled Regional Visa Transition Update

In the lead up to the introduction of the new Skilled Regional visas in November, Immigration has announced further details on the implementation dates for the 491 and 494 visas, and transitional arrangements for Subclass 489 and RSMS visas. Lodgement deadlines Most importantly, Immigration advises that the last date to be invited for a Subclass 489 Skilled[…..]

Top 5 Tips for Graduate Temporary 485 Visas

The Graduate Temporary Subclass 485 visa, often called the “TR visa” by students, is a temporary work visa which is available for international students who have completed studies in Australia which have taken at least 2 academic years of studies in Australia. Whilst the visa may seem simple in concept, the regulations for the 485 visa[…..]

RDA Orana will be opening applications for the following occupations Only

    2/8/19 as of 10:00 am until further notice: Secondary School Teacher – 241411 Registered Nurse (Aged Care) – 254412 Registered Nurse (Community Health) – 254414 Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) – 254415 Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation) – 254417 Registered Nurse (Medical) – 254418 Registered Nurse (Paediatric) – 254425 Dentist – 252312[…..]