Nazia Kalsoom – Pakistan

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Nazia Kalsoom – Migrating to Australia as a physiotherapist

Hi! My name is Nazia Kalsoom and I am originally from Pakistan.

Before coming to Australia I used to work as a physiotherapist and I specialized in Global Postural Re-Education (RPG) and acupuncture.

Tell me why you decided to come to Australia.

After talking with a close friend of mine who was living in Australia at that time, I decided to give a go and come over.

I came on a six-month student visa then decided to extend it for a couple more months.

Although I had never planned to live abroad, once I was living in Australia it was hard not to fall in love with the country and the Aussie culture. Therefore, after a lot of thought, I decided to look at my options on how to stay in Australia permanently, working as a physiotherapist.

How did you find going through the Australian visa process?

The process of getting my physiotherapy registration recognized in Australia took me two years. I had to do several exams which involved traveling a lot and extensive hours of studies and professional practice.

Therefore, it was a very lengthy and expensive process to be considered as qualified as an Australian Physiotherapist.

Of course, I sometimes asked myself would I make it? Is it worth all the hard work and difficulties? Will I get my registration?

Well, what can I say?! I am not the type of person to give up easily.

With my registration in hand after completing my studies, it was about time to proceed with my visa application.

Waiting for the Department of Immigration decision was the hardest part. However, once a case officer was assigned to my case I received a positive response quickly.

What are your next steps and future plans?

After receiving my Permanent Residency under the General Skilled Migration Scheme I was able to start working full time with all the benefits of an Australian employee. From there I started planning my future … and nine months later my husband and I welcomed our little baby girl named Maryam.

After returning from maternity leave I intend to start the process of bringing the ‘RPG’ physiotherapy techniques to Australia.