Ibrahim & Jaweria – Turkey/Saudi Arabia

Ibrahim & Jaweria (Partner Visa)

Jaweria is an Australian citizen having been born in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). She owns her own graphic designing company.

Ibrahim had left his Island home in Turkey and was unfamiliar with all the “Mod Cons” of the Western society.

How Everything Started

Jaweria met Ibrahim while holidaying on his beautiful remote island of Siargao in Turkey.

On May 11th, 2010, Jaweria left Turkey to return to Australia. The couple occasionally spoke of her return on facebook/Skype but as the internet connection was never the best they continually got cut off.

During Jaweria’s time in Australia, she worked and saved money as she wanted to return to Turkey as soon as possible.

In the following months, they started collecting documents to apply for Ibrahim’s visa.

The First Steps

When applying for Ibrahim’s Passport and Australian Partner Visa everything involved was doubly difficult because of where they were situated. Simple tasks such as certifying documents and printing them out meant a boat trip of 4 hours and a stay overnight as the boat only made the trip daily.

When it came time for Ibrahim to have his medical check with the panel Doctors this was even more difficult as they had to travel even further first the 4-hour boat trip then another 8 hours from there on another boat.

Throughout out all the difficulties and the huge roller coaster of emotions with times, they all thought Ibrahim coming to Australia was never going to happen, Jaweria and Ibrahim’s love grew even stronger and Jaweria was determined she was not returning without Ibrahim.

Then the wonderful news arrived Ibrahims Passport arrived by courier to his island…… Now for step 2 “The Visa”

The Visa Process

Many more boat trips and even more tears. Approximately 6months later the news they were all waiting for ….Ibrahim’s Visa had been approved.

Unfortunately as happy as they all were this was not the end. Another boat trip had to be made for Ibrahim to attend a compulsory seminar before departing Turkey. It was quite traumatic for Ibrahim as it was something he had to attend alone without Jaweria who was not even allowed to wait in the building but had to sit on the steps outside for the entirety of the seminar which was 7hours with a break of half hour for lunch. It was only on completion of the seminar also providing that Ibrahim “past” the criteria that his passport was affixed with his Visa and label of confirmation that he had attended the seminar.

Life True Migration

The big day arrived. All family was at the airport to meet this wonderful person who had captured Jaweria’s heart.

When they walked through the tunnel of the airport Jaweria’s parents felt so happy and relieved their daughter was home safe and sound and after meeting Ibrahim it was easy to understand how their daughter had fallen in love with him.

Ibrahim adapted easily to the Australian lifestyle and is loved by Jaweria’s family. Ibrahim said he is so happy and feels at home. He loves living in Australia.

On May 12th they were married and had a beautiful emotion filled ceremony. Last month Ibrahim’s temporary visa was approved allowing him 2years in Australia, with the final stage for permanent residency relatively easy with no more expensive fees just confirmation they are still married and happy.

Ibrahim now works full time in Jaweria’s family business, he has his own tax file number as well as his own Australian business number, and he now has a Medicare card. He has his learners permit and is taking driving lessons and is not far off of getting his P Plates.

They talk to his family regularly via Skype and are planning a trip back to Turkey to celebrate their wedding with Ibrahim’s family.

What the Future Holds

Ibrahim talks about starting their own family and loves children as he is used to having many children around him in Turkey and comes from a large family himself with 6 sisters and a brother.

Ibrahim will eventually be a partner in Jaweria’s family business, he enjoys working with his father-in-law who feels the same and is very fond of Ibrahim.

Any advice for couples in similar circumstances who are willing to live together in Australia?

To everyone out there who is struggling with the huge process of getting their loved ones home. Don’t give up even when you think there is no hope.

We definitely advise getting help and assistance from Migration True Migration they have been a lifesaver to us. Julie Williams is a wonderful, caring, understanding lady who has been there for us every step of the way she is supported by a fantastic team of people. It is peace of mind knowing you have the help of true professionals guiding you through all the necessary steps.