Jacqueline – Canada

  • Australian Immigration

From a Student to a Permanent Resident through General Skilled Migration

I’ve always loved learning about different cultures and the idea of experiencing them even for a short period has always been something that attracted me. So when my husband suggested me to live abroad I did not think twice: “Yes let’s go!”

At that time, of course our parents and friends thought we were crazy. Why change the ‘security’ that we had for an Adventure? After all, we were married for some years; we had good jobs and our own apartment that the natural path would be having babies.

However, we were determined to continue with our dream and Australia proved to be an attractive option for its wonderful climate, job opportunities and security.

Our First Steps

Like most other migrants arriving True Migration, my husband and I felt in love by Australia from the moment we stood out from the airplane.

The amazing vision of the Opera House and the Harbour is simply stunning even for someone who has lived a lifetime staring at another great picture perfect postcard – Christ the Redeemer (statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro).

The months that followed our arrival were to adjust ourselves to the Australian accent and their balanced style of life that for many can be confused with laziness.

After the first year we started looking for our options on how to stay permanently in Australia. After hearing so many contradicting stories from friends, we decided to seek help from a migration agent.

Our first experience was definitely not great. Not only the information provided was completely different from the one presented in the Australian Department of Immigration’s website as well it was clear the agent was more interested in selling us a course than provided with the correct advice.

Luckily on the same day, we met a friend who had used True Migration’s service and he was more than happy to refer them.

It was at this point that my path came across Julie Williams in July 2010.

After our initial conversation, I left her office feeling much more secure about my future visa options and with a job offer!

The Process

There are so many steps before having your visa lodged, however I believe the most stressful is the IELTS test.

In my first attempt I was so stressed that I could barely listen to the tape recording of the listening section. The result could not have been different, I only got 7 overall.

Rather than reschedule my test straightaway I decided to get a step ‘back’ to prepare myself better even if it meant just to boost my confidence.

And that’s what I did. I enrolled in a course and spent the next three months working hard.

Having a better understanding of what to expect from the test and with more confidence, I achieved an overall result of 8.5! With it, I would be able to start my visa process.

After four long months of waiting and having the constant support from Julie and my work colleagues, we received the great news that my husband and I got our Australian Permanent Residency granted through General Skilled migration!!!

It couldn’t have come through on a better day as we were celebrating my husband’s birthday!

Avoid the pitfalls

If I have to provide any advice for those who are considering going through the same pathway, I would say:

Choose wisely your Migration Agent as he/she will be handling your future. Therefore, don’t choose based on price.
There are no shortcuts so be suspicious of any ‘easy’ way.
Consider that the time spent preparing yourself for your IELTS is an investment to your future. So work hard!
Keep focused! It is easy to lose the track.


If you are still reading this article, I can share with you a little ‘secret’… It is amazing how much you can endure and achieve when you leave your comfort zone and work hard for your dreams to come true.